Alderney Chamber of Commerce

Current issues:

current pressing issues being addressed by the Chamber of Commerce include:

Alderney Labour Market & Population

Introduction of a General Sales Tax -

The cost of operating a business on the island

TRP (Tax on Real Property) and its effect on Alderney's business community

Declining Visitor Numbers

The need for a regular ferry service to the island

Secure air links and lower airfares

Commercial Electricity Rates

Relaxation of red tape regarding working permits

Proposed closure of airport grass runway (see this page and news bulletin)

More detailed information about the above issues and actions being taken is available to Members whose comments and contributions to such matters are solicited by e-mail circular as soon as they are tabled for discussion.

Please check our News Bulletin on this website for updates

Please email us with your comments or requests.

Membership Benefits

As a proactive body, the Chamber of Commerce will be first to identify and highlight potential problems to protect the island’s business community and population. The Chamber’s Council will lobby government and authorities on a wide range of issues.

Council meets monthly to review the States Billets and other key issues and will shadow the work of the States departments. In recent months Council has established a closer working relationship with the island’s Government, providing the respective States Members, Committees and departments with feedback and assistance as required.

A synopsis of all monthly Council meetings and news bulletins will be available to our Members whose feedback/comments are always welcome.

Promoting Members’ Business Interests
All members of the Council and its Working Parties are totally committed to the members of the Chamber of Commerce and will offer advice and assistance whenever possible.

Internet Web Site
Members are invited to promote their business activities on this website. All entries on our website Business Directory are free of charge and will be updated by us as and when necessary.

The objective of this website is to promote Alderney businesses beyond the island and to encourage new business ventures which will contribute to the island’s economy and its unique lifestyle. This website is regularly updated and has direct links to the official States of Alderney Website


Why every business on the island  should become a member of the Alderney Chamber of Commerce:


For less than 50 pence a week your business can join the largest representative group on the island.

Follow our discussions, join in our surveys, come through with your thoughts, join our sub-groups, read the latest States Press Releases straightaway by email, help us to help yourself.

Why not be a pro-active member by email? can't be simpler.

Join our ever-growing Chamber and support our aim of ensuring that local business remains as the centrepiece of our community.

 The membership fee is £25/year and application forms are available to download here.

Applicants require two existing members as proposers.

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