About ACC

Alderney Chamber of Commerce

Historical Note: A Chamber of Commerce operated in Alderney until June 1940.

We are a Non Profit Organisation – Registered NP262  in the Guernsey Registry.

To view/download the Alderney Chamber of Commerce Constitution which is published on this website News Centre page click here

The present Chamber was constituted at a public meeting held in the Catholic Hall on Monday 10th April 1961. The Members of the Council elected at this meeting met for the first time on Monday 17th April 1961.

Members of the Council are elected at the 61st Annual General Meeting which in 2024 was held on Wednesday 8 May  in the Georgian House Orangery.

They meet once a month to discuss a variety of issues and agree on the necessary actions to be taken. Members are invited to submit any items to be added to this agenda and will subsequently receive a precis of that Council Meeting.


Re-elected as President for the 19th consecutive year, Andrew Eggleston commented on the increasingly positive relationship Chamber enjoys with both our States Members and the Civil Service.

 The President’s Report 2024 is published on our News page. Click here

  • Important items discussed at the monthly Council meeting are also published on the News Bulletin page and e-mailed to our members who will also be invited to submit their comments on any proposed items to be discussed by the Council.


The Council for this year comprises:

Andrew Eggleston – President for the 19th consecutive year

Nigel Lawrence        Vice-President

Ian Corder                 Council Member

Nicky Burland          Council Member

Vanessa Main           Council Member

Patrick Puddle         Council Member

Tony Haywood         Treasurer


Chamber Council 2024: l-r: Vice President Nigel Lawrence, President Andrew Eggleston, Vanessa Main, Nicky Burland, Ian Corder.

(absent from group photograph : Patrick Puddle & Treasurer Tony Haywood)


Patrick Puddle – Council Member                                                Tony Haywood – Treasurer

 Co-opted to the Council:  

Ilona Soane-Sands    Marketing and Social Media
Holly Chandler           Hospitality

Brendan Noone          Finance

Agnes Perry                Hospitality
Jeannie Cameron      Transport


Ilona Soane-Sands                  Holly Chandler                           Brendan Noone                Agnès Perry                  Jeannie Cameron