Working Parties

Chamber of Commerce Working Parties

The Chamber of Commerce has set up a number of sub-committees which deal with specific issues in order to further the island’s economic growth and unique lifestyle.

Members on these Working Parties bring with them the relevant experience and are very much in touch with their particular business sectors. They maintain regular contact with the respective States departments and authorities and will report back to the Council.

The structure is flexible and allows additional Working Parties to be set up as and when required.

Our Working Parties:

On the States, we have Chamber representation on:-

  • The Committee for Tourism & Economic Development
  • The Good Governance Group
  • The Air Transport Action Group
  • The Surface Transport Action Group

Within Chamber we have these sub groups:-
(depending on the topics of the day, we set up specific sub groups accordingly)

  • The Energy Group
  • The Town Group
  • The Transport Group

Including the above, all topics are discussed within full Council – some current examples:

  • Marina
  • Medevac
  • Runway
  • Public Service Obligation
  • Child Care Provision
  • Education
  • Apprenticeships
  • Relationship with Guernsey
  • The States Workings in general
  • Maintaining positive relationships with Civil Service & States Members