Guide To Setting Up A Business In Alderney


If you are not already an Alderney resident and would like to move to our island , please follow our guide  and links below step-by-step: 

Step 1: find out all about relocating and living in Alderney

For more information  about alderney please go to these websites: 

Alderney life 

Visit Alderney

Relocate to Alderney

Services in Alderney: Health, Education, Police etc

Island Economy

Alderney offers the perfect infrastructure to give small to medium sized businesses what they need, given the substantial investment in the island’s broadband connectivity in the last two years, there is a natural fit with eCommerce companies, geographically portable businesses and other online employment ventures.

The island is in the unique position of having superfast broadband connectivity, ideal for the ever-evolving digital world. In 2018 the connection upgrade by Sure almost doubled the average speeds of previous connectivity, meaning increased support for local businesses, social networking, communication between individuals and friends, and enabling children and adults to learn. The Bailiwick has also been a test bed for 5G mobile connectivity, which reportedly has been recording speeds of as high as 910mbps.

To find out more about broadband connections and IT support, visit the following sites :

Sure Telecom

JT Global Guernsey

Internet & E-commerce service providers


Step 2:  Decide what type of business you intend to operate

If your prime customer basis is the island’s community of just over 2,000 residents, please consider complementing, rather than competing with, existing businesses.

Please check the websites below for further information and advice:

All about Working from Alderney                                                                                                                       

*Option 1: Relocating your business operations to Alderney   

*Option 2: Acquiring an existing, well-established business on the island:
                     Check the
Business Opportunities page on this website

*Option 3: Setting up your own business venture


Step 3: Decide on your business structure

*Option 1: Self-Employed (Sole Trader or Partnership).

*Option 2: Limited Company

 Guidelines to Setting up an Alderney Company and Incorporating a Company 

Step 4: Register your business

An Alderney-registered Company must have at least one Director, a Company Secretary, at least one Member (shareholder) and a Resident Agent. Each company must have a Registered Office in Alderney and display a sign stating the Company name at the Registered Office.

More information here:

Step 5: Find your business premises

Will you be operating from home or are you looking for business premises?

*Option 1: Operating from home

If you are operating as self-employed with no other employees and you own your home, there are currently no restrictions.

If you are in rented accommodation, you will need to check with your landlord regarding possible restrictions/rules.  

*Option 2: Renting residential or business premises:

please check with these Alderney estate agents:


Bell & Co



Bell & Co


Alpha Estates

Option 3: Building your own business premises


Step 6: Open your business bank account

 HSBC is currently the only resident bank operating on the Island. All other banks located in Guernsey offer online banking facilities. Your current bank should be able to assist you with this procedure.  


Step 7: Do you qualify for business grants and support?


Step 8: Recruiting and employing staff


Step 9: Annual tax returns & social contributions



Step 10: Promote your business across the Bailiwick

You can use any of the following media to advertise your business. To find out more, just follow the respective website links:

Alderney Chamber of Commerce. Become a member and get free listing on our online directory and our Facebook page Alderney Business which shares posts across different local social media groups: go to

Guernsey Chamber of Commerce. Become a member if you want to expand into the Guernsey marketplace (The Alderney Chamber enjoys a close relationship with the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce). Go to

Quay FM Alderney (local radio station) Go to

The Journal (local publication) Go to

Island FM (Guernsey radio station) Go to

Guernsey Press (Guernsey publication) Go to

Bailiwick Express (Guernsey publication) Go to

ITV Channel Television (Channel Islands TV station).  Go to


We would like to wish you every success with your alderney business venture!

This page was issued by the Alderney Chamber of Commerce and will be updated to incorporate any changes or additional information.


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