AGM 2024 – Council elected

The Council for this year comprises:

Andrew Eggleston – President for the 19th consecutive year

Nigel Lawrence        Vice-President

Ian Corder                 Council Member

Nicky Burland          Council Member

Vanessa Main           Council Member

Patrick Puddle         Council Member

Tony Haywood         Treasurer

l-to-r: Vice President Nigel Lawrence, President Andrew Eggleston, Vanessa Main, Nicky Burland, Ian Corder.

(not in the photo –  Patrick Puddle & Treasurer Tony Haywood)


Patrick Puddle                                        Treasurer Tony Haywood

Co-opted to the Council:  

Ilona Soane-Sands    Marketing and Social Media
Holly Chandler           Hospitality

Brendan Noone               Finance

Agnes Perry                  Hospitality
Jeannie Cameron –   Transport


Ilona Soane-Sands              Holly Chandler            Brendan Noone         Agnès Perry             Jeannie Cameron