AGM 27 June 2023

A convivial AGM followed by a pleasant drinks party in the Georgian garden was enjoyed by all members present.

The President outlined and went into depth on many of the topics that Chamber had covered during the year.  These included the recent introduction of The Hospitality Group led by Council Member Holly Chandler. This group includes, hotels, guest houses, self-catering, restaurants, cafes and the camp site.

Further such groups are to be created including Finance, Retail and Construction.

With such a large membership (154 businesses) our aim is to be more inclusive and to be able to have more positive dialogue with the States relating to the business community.

We are also reforming the Alderney Postal Board which will feed problems and ideas directly into Guernsey Post.   This is of course available to all members.

Despite knowing of the Guernsey ‘black hole’ (but not its amount) we touched on the simplistic survey carried out some months ago that resulted in Chamber not wishing for GST.   However, the GST Package would have had some merit for certain sectors of our community.

The President confirmed that Chamber has now established a positive relationship with the Alderney Wildlife Trust and will continue this momentum.

He thanked the untiring work that both Ilona Soane-Sands and Holly Chandler had put in while serving as Council Members.   Both are standing down but are being co-opted to continue their expertise in marketing & social media and hospitality.

We are delighted to welcome on Council Nicky Burland and Vanessa Main both with many years’ experience on the island in their respective fields.

Our new Council

Andrew Eggleston   President
Nigel Lawrence        Vice-President
Ian Corder                 Council Member
Brendan Noone       Council Member
Nicky Burland          Council Member
Vanessa Main           Council Member
Tony Haywood         Treasurer
Lesley Chapman      Secretary

Ilona Soane-Sands 
    Marketing and Social Media
Holly Chandler            Hospitality
Patrick Puddle             Transport

And so we proceed into another year.   Our overall aim for the future is for expansion within all sectors of our business community including a greater population which would provide the vibrance the island needs.

Meanwhile please come through to any of us with your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you
Andrew Eggleston