A collective opportunity to help our island.

Please take a minute to read this statement which also has the backing of the States

Chamber’s  Positive  Drive  for  Alderney

In our quest to make Alderney a more resilient community within the tough parameters that surround us, our focus is to attract more businesses to set up or relocate here, more people to live here as prime home owners and others to visit or holiday here to enjoy all that we have to offer.

Chamber’s media team has been working on this.   Its decision is to focus on Guernsey and to use Island FM as its medium.   Two 30 second adverts have been written that will be aired Mondays to Fridays for six consecutive weeks starting very soon.   One advert at about 8.00am on the way to work and the other between 5.00 and 6.00 on the way home.

One advert is aimed at the relocating or setting up of businesses,  back-office work and the opportunity to work remotely in a peaceful stress-free environment – and of course to simply live here.    Responses to this advert will be steered to the specific email address –

The other advert will aim at attracting those looking for a break from their daily routines to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Alderney.   Responses to this will be directed to

These adverts do not mention any business by name – we are simply promoting Alderney as an outstanding island in which to work, live and holiday.

As to the funding, Chamber is asking for ‘units’ of £25.   The overall cost is £3,500 meaning we are only looking at 140 units.   A single unit from a smaller business is as important as several units from larger businesses.

This is a great opportunity for all of us in Chamber to be a part of this drive to help attract more business to the island along with greater emphasis on tourism and growing the population.

We will all benefit in some manner from any business or person that relocates here.

Please help us to help our island.   All donations will be acknowledged and invoices generated.



Alderney Chamber of Commerce


Please reference “Island FM Project” for identification


Kind regards,

Alderney Chamber of Commerce Media Team