February 2024 Activity Report

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  • Two members of Council joined the States’ Economic Development Committee on Wednesday 7th February at which we discussed the forthcoming Careers Fair, the imminent presentation to Guernsey’s finance companies to relocate here, the concept of a pedestrian precinct for the lower portion of Victoria Street perhaps on Saturday mornings during the height of the season, another full time position at Visit Alderney to complement the work that Caroline Gauvain undertakes, and the current problem with servicing commercial gas appliances that directly affects the hospitality sectors.


  • Following our meeting with EDC (see above), we are now invited to join General Services Committee to discuss the commercial gas servicing problem and the pedestrian precinct concept.


  • The first Career’s Fair at St. Anne’s School on Thursday 8th February proved an outstanding success earlier this month. More than 20 businesses took part in the school hall and all the children from the first year upwards attended during the morning.   There was an extensive range of businesses with the children enjoying it as much as those taking part.   This will now be an annual event and will be extended to those thinking of diversifying into alternative jobs.   Alderney has more to offer with a wider range of businesses than most of us realise.   For more information on this, come through to us at info@alderneychamber.com


  • The presentation in Guernsey to attract financial business to the island is in its final planning stage.   Two representatives from Chamber will be spending two days in Guernsey along with two States Members discussing this potential with about 20 businesses some of whom may be thinking of a change of venue yet keeping within the Bailiwick.   This has been primarily organised by Guernsey Finance Company whose role is to attract finance into Guernsey and, after discussions with Alderney, are now widening their net to include Alderney.


  • Our Hospitality Group met during the morning of Wednesday 21st February with representatives attending from our hotels, guest houses and self-catering sectors.   States member Boyd Kelly with responsibility for tourism and Caroline Cauvain who leads Visit Alderney also attended.   Much of the conversation kept returning to the all important transport situation and the capacity it could provide for the summer season bringing in tourists, holiday home owners, families etc.    The meeting discussed the potential benefit of working ever closer with both Jersey and Guernsey tourism.       Regarding marketing and advertising material, it was agreed that the way forward was undoubtedly in digital format as opposed to hard copy.       It was also regarded as critical that tourism should work to a solid strategy and that this was lacking at present.    One interesting diary date is 27th April when a Danish boat will be bringing about 180 people from the media and press for the day.   Alderney is their only destination.   As we learn more of this, we shall pass information on.


  • The Bailiwick’s new Data Protection Commissioner, Brent Homan, will be visiting Alderney early April when ODPA will be available to meet with Chamber members.   Once date, time and venue have been confirmed we will be back to you.


  • The ongoing damage to our economy because of no refueling available for private planes (no Avgas) and that Duty Free is still not operating despite the operator being ready and committed, continues to be a concern.   We are speaking with the States and Guernsey Ports to understand where the problems lie.


  • A Social Media Marketing workshop is being organised for April (date not yet fixed) for both members and non-members.   It will be a two hour interactive workshop for businesses and individuals with an interest in digital marketing.


  •  Some interesting fact & figures from the latest Alderney annual Electronic Census Report as at 31st March 2023:-

–    Our population has risen to 2,167
–    47.1% of our population has been resident for 20 years or more
–    242 rented property units (equating to 15.6% of total housing stock) were identified as having an owner whose primary address was not in Alderney
–    48.3% of our population were in full-time education or in employment