• Our AGM is set for 6.00pm start on Wednesday 8th May. It will again be in the attractive setting of the Orangery at The Georgian.   It will be followed by a drinks party outside (rain and wind permitting!) to which we invite all those joining us for our annual meeting.
  • One really positive initiative we are undertaking is advertising on Guernsey’s Island FM.  This will be over six weeks Mondays to Fridays.  There will be two separate 30 seconds adverts – one about moving here and relocating / setting up business on island, and the other about visiting and holidaying here.   They are to be aired about 8.00 in the morning and after work between 5.00 and 6.00.   We see this as the positive medium to those working in Guernsey.    Our sole purpose is to help to energise the island with more people holidaying with us and more  people living here with business flourishing.


  • Following on from this advertising, funding is required.   We have been through to the Economic Development Committee as this is solely for the island in all capacities and no business is singled out or named.   It is the island.   To assist with the financial side, we will be asking our members to help by ‘buying’ units at £25 a unit.   A small business may buy one whereas a larger one may buy several.   An email on this topic will follow.


  • Guernsey Finance Co’s organisation for the imminent two day presentation in Guernsey is coming to fruition.   Although we do not yet have the specific dates, two members of our Council, Nicky Burland and Ian Corder, will be taking the lead speaking to about 20 finance companies who may be interested in relocating their businesses or their backroom sections to ourselves.   Again, this is taking much time and organising and they will be accompanied by two States Members and our CEO.
  • We remain both concerned and frustrated that we still do not have Duty Free to offer to yachtsmen and aviators alike.   A more positive liaison between those in authority would be welcome if we are not to miss yet another seasonal income.   We are in correspondence with the States.
  • The lack of Avgas at the airport for private planes falls within a similar category as that of the lack of  Duty Free.   We are presently in contact with Avgas in Guernsey and will report back as we learn more.
  • Hotel, Guest House, Self-catering Registration.   Until fairly recently, States Tourism would come to each establishment on a weekly basis to pick up the slips that would give quantity staying.   This could be increased to knowing which county or island they came from.   Statistics such as this would be important for the States and ourselves to know where more specific marketing should be aimed.   We suggest this should be reinvented.

Parking in town is becoming increasingly frustrating and we are still nowhere near the summer season.   Will drivers please keep to the one hour rule in town and show the time clock.   Realising that there is absolutely no regular enforcement only exasperates the problem.      A certain long standing individual has put forward a novel but interesting answer.   Employ a traffic warden at no salary but he would receive 15% of each ticket given.   So simple as tickets could only be given to those who abused the situation – so no recourse.   Any thoughts?