NOVEMBER 2021   As the year starts to draw to a close, here are some of the topics and meetings that Chamber has been involved with since last month –

But first – Don’t forget our informal 60th Anniversary drinks party from 5.30 to 7.30 on Tuesday 23rd November.   If you haven’t already done so, please confirm at info@alderneychamber.com so we can gauge numbers.

Energy Group Meeting on 11th October. We remain focused on the tidal resources we have around the island and considered learning more in the light there seeming to be no headway being made by Simec Atlantis.   Our Group has contacted other such companies with interesting initial response.   We shall keep members posted on this.

A General Meeting on 12th October at the Braye Beach with Bill Abel and Ian Carter in their roles as Chair and Vice Chair of Policy & Finance Committee. Andrew Eggleston and Nigel Lawrence attended.  Topics included:-_

  1. The Airport where there now seemed to be a general consensus of opinion with the States that a longer runway was necessary primarily to future proof the island for decades to come and it was considered absolutely vital that a medevac should be able to use our airport – hence a runway extension.
  2. Marina. We expressed some concern that this project was not moving forward in the positive way we had hoped for.
  • Higher Taxes? Talk at that time was the possibility of a GST, an increase in Income Tax of a Health Tax.   We put forward that the abolishment of Zero 10 should be considered.   We understand that this subject will not be coming back to the States of Guernsey until July next year.
  1. We briefly discussed the States Marketing Budget. We were advised that the whole area of marketing has been going through a dramatic change with much being channelled through social media sources.
  2. Concerns re the Harbour Pontoon were again raised along with that infamous rock immediately adjacent to it which we consider should either be demolished or incorporated in some manner to a new pontoon layout.
  3. The continued lack of a website for St Anne’s School was also a worrying feature when we are trying to attract younger families to the island.

Condor Meeting on 13th October at the Braye Beach.   Andrew Eggleston and Nigel Lawrence were invited to represent Chamber, while Ian Carter and Annie Burgess represented the States and Paul Veron represented the Civil Service.   Condor’s new CEO John Napton discussed where Condor stood within the Channel Islands sea transport structure.   He talked about the possibility of a tender being submitted for Isles des Manches.   This was his first visit to Alderney which he found to be an impressive proactive island with a positive economy.

Visit Alderney on 15th October at The Georgian.   Holly Chandler and Ilona Soane-Sands led this informal meeting with Visit Alderney in order to forge a strong and positive relationship between our two groups.   Chamber remains concerned that they are under resourced.

October Council Meeting on 19th October at The Georgian.   Among many subjects raised included feedback from previous sub group meetings as already outlined above and it had been agreed to sponsor the introductory reception evening of the Fly-in organised by the Alderney Flying Club.

It was confirmed that Sure was about to start work on upgrading broadband in Guernsey but this would not include Alderney.

Christmas Evening Shopping Meeting on 20th October – since when we have had our first evening on 3rd November,   Friday 26th will be our next from 5.00 to 8.00pm to be followed by 3rd and 17th December.   On Sunday 12th December at The Moorings will be a one-off ‘Made in Alderney’ market.

Holly Fisher and Claudia Gillingham have led the organisation of these events.

Energy Group Meeting on 28th October at the Braye Beach.   This was a follow-up meeting from the one on 11th where discussions included two other tidal resource companies that had come back again to us.   We also discussed the current agreement with FabLink, a liaison with the States’ own energy group, and the current role of ACRE and ARE.

Media & Publicity Meeting on 8th November at the Braye Beach.   Andrew Eggleston, Ilona Soane-Sands and Nigel Lawrence represented Chamber for an informal evening with Alistair Forrest.   We discussed how we considered a positive way forward would be for the Nunnery on a business and educational footing.   Among other island issues, we also talked on the proposed Partnership Law and the proposed Limited Liability Partnership Law.

A meeting including both States Relationship and Energy on 11th November at the Braye Beach.   Andrew Eggleston, Nigel Lawrence and Ian Corder attended. We had invited Bill Abel to discuss a possible different way forward in the relationship between Chamber and the States – in the manner that when Chamber delves into a topic and creates its foundations re contacts and initial thoughts/recommendations – at what stage should it then pass this through to the States for further development if they considered its development may be beneficial to the island.

A current example of this would be the positive work that Chamber has already accomplished from its recent energy meetings (as referred to earlier).

Thank you for taking the time to read what Chamber is working on.

As a Chamber Member, we would be really pleased if you feel you have some time to join in on the many topics and discussions that we chat about – much is accomplished initially by email, so not hopefully onerous to any of us.

Contact any Council Member or come through on info@alderneychamber.com