While there could obviously be some changes to the timetable due to unforeseen circumstances, the following programme is envisaged which is aimed, hopefully, to minimise uncertainty over the future of Alderney lifeline routes:

 The States of Guernsey Committee for Economic Development’s draft Air Transport Licensing Policy Letter to the States of Guernsey – which includes proposals for a PSA for Alderney’s air routes – has now been circulated to a number of key stakeholders for comment. This circulation process includes the States of Alderney and airlines that currently hold a Guernsey air transport licence.

 The States of Guernsey Committee for Economic Development have stated that at the end of April, the Policy Letter will be finalised and then submitted to the States for debate in June.

 They have also stated that, if accepted by the States of Guernsey, tenders will then be sought during July and August with, hopefully, a decision taken by September/October.

 The PSA will then be operative from April 2019 (at the start of next year’s summer schedule). This timing allows bookings to be taken during the autumn and winter months for the following summer period and gives the Travel Trade enough lead-in time to plan for the 2019 season.

James Dent, Chairman of the Policy and Finance Committee, States of Alderney has commented:
“The States of Alderney are delighted to note that the Committee of Economic Development has agreed that the States of Alderney will be fully consulted in all matters relating to the finalisation of the Public Service Agreement.
The rehabilitation of the Alderney runway is also an important complementary project in securing the optimal outcome of the air transport agreement process which is fully accepted by the States of Guernsey Committee for Economic Development.”