Seasonal Greetings and Message from the President of the Alderney Chamber of Commerce

While wishing all our members a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas, may I, on behalf of our Council, thank all those who joined us at the Georgian for a really enjoyable evening of chats, drinks and canapes.

Following the approval in Guernsey of Option C+ on Friday, we now have a positive roadmap ahead of us.

Two of Chamber’s aims are, and have been, to grow our economy & population and be less of a financial burden on Guernsey.   Hopefully we are now on the starting blocks.

As to the year ahead, one of our prime intentions is to expand our positive working relationship with the States.  To enable this, we will be forming a model that will encompass us all.

We will forward this concept to you for comment.

As we always ask, please come through with your thoughts and ideas.

My best wishes for a successful year ahead.

Andrew Eggleston