An exceptional year of worldwide concern that, through the Covid crisis, offered opportunity which Alderney grasped in such a positive way.

It was great to see the resilience from our retailers and those within the hospitality sector who so quickly set up websites to buy on-line and offered door to door deliveries.

Likewise, Quay FM came into its own and we witnessed local radio excelling in what its main function is – advising its people in times of adversity.

So, that was the year that was.

We can now look forward to 2021 with increased optimism – a vaccine is on its way, Guernsey now sees us in a different and most positive way as so many came and saw Alderney in a new light, their island-wide election produced more Alderney-friendly politicians, and, who knows, we may well have a more resilient air transport structure with the conclusion of the long-awaited PSO and the appointment of a new CEO within Aurigny.

There is much to look forward to.

A Very Happy Christmas to all Chamber members – and we still continue to increase in numbers.

Many thanks
Andrew Eggleston – President