On Monday 3 February, the States of Alderney, the Chamber of Commerce and the Guernsey College of Further Education hosted the first Alderney Apprenticeship Forum. The lunchtime event was held at the Braye Beach Hotel .

We were very pleased with the level of attendance which also included  the President of the States and several States members and  Chamber would like to  thank Council member Kathy Kissick for organising, promoting and coordinating this important forum.

For those members who were unable to attend, below is the report by Chamber member David Nash together with his photographs:

“Senior educationalists from the Guernsey College of Further Education visited Alderney this week to talk to politicians, teachers and employers about apprenticeship training opportunities for school leavers as an alternative to studying for a degree at university and leaving home.

After a presentation on the many courses available for apprentices in a wide variety of subjects from  building, catering, engineering , horticulture , hairdressing etc… employers , teachers and civil servants plied principal  Louise Misselke and Chris Torode with a range of questions in the cinema of the Braye Beach Hotel.

Mr Torode said that the apprenticeships gave Alderney youngsters the chance to earn a wage while learning a trade and not only benefitted the smaller island’s economy but would  help retain the next generation as potential skilled residents rather than have them move away from the Channel Islands to find employment. ” ENDS

Chris Torode, Faculty director for construction and engineering at The Guernsey College of Further Education and Principal Louise Misselke pictured at the apprenticeship Forum in Alderney this week.

Chris Torode (left) discusses apprentice opportunities with electrical contractor Jamie Sanderson  

States of Alderney President William Tate (far left ), States Members and Council Members of the Chamber of Commerce  welcomed Louise Misselke, principal of the Guernsey College of Education (far right) and Chris Torode , construction faculty director to the island for  a Forum on apprenticeships.   

For further information on courses available please go to
or contact  Telephone 01481 737500.

Chamber will keep you informed of any future events and developments.