Below is a synopsis of last month’s full Council Meeting.

These will now be emailed to all members after each meeting.  Our reason is to invite comment from yourselves.  We will also email the monthly Agenda to you so you will be fully aware of the topics that are currently of interest and of those that we have been asked to discuss.

Please come through to us with any points you would like to raise and they will be included with the Agenda.

Council Meeting 17th April :
The prime topics within the Agenda:-
Transport :   The timetable for the forthcoming Public Service Obligation (PSO) was discussed along with the Manche Iles Express that should be visiting more regularly this season.

PSO Group Meeting : A joint meeting had been held with representatives of the States, the Civil Service and our Council. The group was to help determine the island’s needs primarily focussing on frequency of flights, timing of flights, seasonal variations in demand, freight and medevac requirements and fare structuring.

States Website:  It was understood that this will be overhauled and made more user friendly. Council is being asked to discuss this with Chris Brock.

CEO : A further general meeting would be held the Andrew Muter.

Shuttlebuzz: The recent meeting with the company had proved interesting with the possibility that the island may be a test bed for such driverless vehicles (when the technology allowed). This is not being furthered at this time and we await news from the company as they make progress.

Post: Prices have increased and we understand a new contract has been signed between Guernsey Post and Aurigny.

Internet Speed:  Sure has confirmed that every household that opts in will be connected to high speed internet by the end of the year. Council is arranging for Justin Bellinger (Chief Digital Officer) to give a presentation for all Chamber members.

Data Protection: Council is in the process of organising a meeting on this subject for members and non-members.