Guernsey’s Policy & Resources Committee will be giving a presentation and answering questions.

PLEASE COME ALONG – LEARN MORE – ASK MORE.     For those unable to attend, simply email your questions to and we will pass them on directly to P&R.

Our survey last week understandably produced intense opposition to GST.   We are all faced with a critical funding crisis and a GST Package is the favoured option to both raise funds and reduce costs.

Fuller information can be found at where the executive summary will explain the rationale in detail.

It is important that Chamber Members take some time to examine this information which will give a better understanding to the problems that we are all facing.

We are all in this together so let’s work on this together – and meet together on Saturday.


Some of the key elements that will prove financially beneficial to many include:-

  • The introduction of a new 15% rate of Income Tax on income up to £30,000. People will pay a lower rate on all income between the value of the personal and other tax allowances they are entitled to and the £30,000 threshold which would provide a maximum reduction of over £800 a year.
  • An increase in the Personal Income Tax Allowance by £600 which reduces the income tax liability of low to middle income households by up to £120 per taxpayer with a further £1,150 gained by applying the same higher allowance in full to social security contributions.
  • A progressive restructure of the Social Security Contribution system which reduces the liability of low and middle income households with a headline rate of 8.5% for employees and 8.0% for employers.
  • A Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 5% which will form the primary mechanism for raising revenue estimated at £68m.
  • A pre-emptive increase in the States Pension by 3.4% and other benefits to reflect the increase in prices anticipated by the introduction of the GST.
  • A pre-emptive increase in Income Support rates by 5% to reflect the increase in prices of items in the Income Support “basket of goods” at the introduction of GST.