Save Southampton Airport:
Your Help Is Needed for its Survival!

IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK BOX for an email from Alderney Chamber ie:  contact@alderneychamber.com
This is for both Members and Non Members.
Next month, Eastleigh Borough Council will decide whether to approve a 164 metres extension to its runway – all within its present boundaries.If approved, the airport has a future.  Without the extension it is likely to close.

Its possible closure would have a critical negative effect on all of us in Alderney whether for business, medical or tourism.

Chamber urges members to submit supportive comments before the end of this month to planning@eastleigh.gov.gg quoting the reference F/19/86707

Visit https://www.southamptonairport.com/runway for more information.

The results of which will forwarded to Eastleigh Council.
No names will be supplied unless you have chosen to provide this detail.

PLEASE spend a couple of minutes to complete Chamber’s petition survey when you receive the link (email from contact@alderneychamber.com or via Alderney Business Facebook page). Thank you for your support.