COVID Meeting regarding changes in testing etc.


A Covid meeting was held yesterday afternoon in the Anne French Room with CEO Kath Jones and Chair of P&F Bill Abel.   Chamber was represented by Holly Chandler and Andrew Eggleston.   This was in advance of their formal CCA meeting.   They wanted to understand the current situation within the business community and how it was affecting the economy.

Below are a few bullet points from our chat.   As a matter of urgency, please send a few lines on how you see the situation and your thoughts about changing the testing regime.

  • It is important to restore island confidence after the recent opening of our borders appear to be a cause of our current problems.
  • There is too much confusion between the precise meaning of negative results, positive results, what do they mean, should one isolate, how does this differ if you are vaccinated / not vaccinated etc etc.   A clear dictate must be drawn up to relieve this confusion and the anxiety that follows. We have asked Bill to get clarification of this from the SOG and publicise this in a clear and concise way to restore confidence.
  • We are therefore suggesting that there be pre-travel testing in line with the Jersey model of 72 hours – but thought could be given a shortened version of perhaps 48 hours before travel.
  • Continue with the status quo for the unvaccinated
  • This has been taken on board by Bill Abel and  Kath Jones who sit on the CCA which will be meeting tomorrow.   This proposal will be positively tabled.
  • It would not be a stand-alone for Alderney but would need to be a Bailiwick initiative which would stand more chance of acceptance – proportionality being the key word.
  • On behalf of Chamber we reiterated that we do not want a further lock down.
  • We must  learn to live with Covid as we do with flu and the common cold.  We need to mitigate the risks by putting procedures in place within our businesses.   There are anxiety levels at present but we must be seen to be open for business through this hopefully short-lived period.
  • A change in our testing procedure as outlined above should produce greater confidence.
  • We have been asked to communicate the above to our members and to also ask them to work within Covid safety guidelines and make it known to the public to give confidence to locals and visitors
  • Communicating the same message across SOG, SOA, Chamber and Visit Alderney is vital
  • Push for second vaccination sooner for the under 40s to prevent this paralysis happening again


We look forward to hearing back at soon as possible.

PLEASE take a couple of minutes to reply to