Yesterday’s meeting with Guernsey’s Health & Social Care Committee was a positive exchange of ideas and thoughts that marks the start of regular dialogue with that Committee under its leadership of Deputy Al Brouard.
The questions you all submitted are with them (without reference to the authors) and we shall forward response as we receive it.

Below is the exchange of emails between Al Brouard and Andrew Eggleston following this meeting:

Email from Andrew Eggleston, President of the Alderney Chamber of Commerce to Al Brouard posted Thursday 16 September 2021 at 19:32

Good evening Al,

It was good to meet with yourself again and your team today – albeit a far too brief a meeting.   From it, however, we will compile a list of thoughts and queries and send them to you.   We look upon this more as an introductory meeting to be expanded upon.

I agree with you wholeheartedly and believe that Alderney should be positive and do what is essential to reduce the funding we receive annually.  ‘To stand more on our own two feet’ as I recall you saying on your previous visit.

Again, where we agree, is to bring in legislation that is mandatory to those moving to our islands (say from the age of 50yrs) to have private health insurance – and the sooner the better.

I trust you also had an enjoyable day in Alderney (weather perfect as always!) and thanks also to Tina and Marc on your committee.

My best wishes,


Response from Al Brouard posted 16 September 2021 at 20:34
Dear Andrew

It was good to catch up and see you again.
Your positive comments are refreshing and I am sure the Islands can be smarter working together.

We will pick up the insurance issue  and also do what we can to bring in to reality the suggestions from Holly [ who will be writing to us]

Do love your Island and its people, hopefully may get a place there too one day!.
Please pass on my thanks and that of our Health Board to your members for their support and discussion.

Best Regards

Deputy Al Brouard – States of Guernsey
President of the Committee for Health & Social Care